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வெல்வின் / ஹாட்ஃபீல்ட்

உட்ஹால் சமூக மையம்

மில் கிரீன் ரோடு

வெல்வின் கார்டன் சிட்டி



From January we will be running an online daytime session.


The session will be in the same format as our face-to-face sessions. 90 minutes split into education and exercise.


Requirements to partake in the online session:

  • Scales (we will ask you to weigh yourself weekly and report back)

  • Access to Wi-Fi


Recommendations to partake in the online session:

  • Access to a laptop or computer

  • Access to a gym/yoga mat


Please note that these sessions still require a level of commitment. We expect that everyone who signs up to the course completes at least 9 out of 12 sessions.



Mondays 12-1:30pm

If you are interested please email:

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