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Why did they take part in Shape Up Harrow?

Shirley Sweet - Before.jpg

I was referred to the programme by my GP. When I found out more about it, I liked the concept and was motivated to commit to it.

I was aware I was unhealthy with a high BMI. I read about the programme in a local publication. In previous years (when I was much younger) I did more activities but as I got older I just kept gaining weight. So, the educational side of Shape Up appealed to me as well as the physical class we would participate in.

I found out that I need heart surgery at some point in the future as the leaky mitral valve in my heart has got worse. The consultant said  need to lose as much weight as possible and get as fit as possible so my heart is really strong for when I have surgery.

Shirley Sweet - After.jpg

How did the coaching team & content help you to achieve your target?

The presentations each week were informative and helpful.  The coaches were motivating, fun and realistic.  The 45 minutes of exercise in the sports hall was very good to compliment the information given in the first half of the session.  Weighing in each week was an added incentive to lose weight each week.

Clear advice given to help with weight loss. I found the food / exercise diary really helpful as it made me stick to the advice given. The coaches openly encourage everyone on the course which is greatly appreciated.

The 90-minute sessions are amazing. The course leaders each week check in on you and give advice on food/diet. The exercise session is tough but makes you feel good. The course leaders are crucial in providing support and expert advice.

Mark Field - Before.jpg

What changes did they make?

I changed my eating habits I exercise much more then before, I feel much better now than 6 weeks ago.

Exercise regularly, and changed my diet to more healthier food and snacks. I have also stopped drinking alcohol and now drink more water instead.

I cut out cake, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, crisps.  I ate healthily concentrating on vegetables, fruit and a small amount of protein.  I look at the food packets now to see how many calories and grams of fat items have. 

Mark Field - After.jpg

What changes did they make?

My relationship with food. This consists of less takeaways, choosing healthier options and portion sizing.

Followed the advice given to me, changed my eating habits for the better and now do regular exercise.

Changed my food intake. Porridge for breakfast instead of bread/toast. Salads for lunch. Less carbs, less alcohol and plenty of fruit and veg. Nothing was cut out, just limited. I do not feel deprived

What impact has Shape Up Harrow had on people's lives?

Magda Dudek - Before.png

I feel a lot more confident. My clothes are loose and I can wear anything now. I feel very stable and do not have mood swings. I feel happier and in control of my life.

In this day and age it is easy to read things off the internet and then forget about it but by hearing the coaching team speak about things and show you in person.. I feel it has more of a lasting impact.

In 12 weeks, I have lost 8.5 kilos, reduced by one size and feel less tired. I am continuing the programme for the next 12 weeks as I think it is fantastic. My wife and children are delighted, proud and relieved at what I am doing.

Magda Dudek - After.jpg

What impact has Shape Up Harrow had on people's lives?

All the niggling pain in my knees and back has gone. I plan meals and exercise regularly which has made me a happier person.

I achieved the weight that I wanted and it has made a huge impact on my life. I can walk longer without getting tired, I'm more active and I'm less stressed.

I have more energy and much better mobility.

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